Mixed H2/H Control Design in Induction Motor using Adaptive Fuzzy Scheme

G.-Shing Huang and H.-J. Uang (Taiwan)


- Linear matrix inequality(LMI), induction motor, robust control, adaptive control, mixed H2/H control, PID control.


In this paper, a PID type controller incorporating fuzzy logic system for the mixed H2/H tracking performance is developed for induction motors under unknown or uncertain plant parameters and external disturbances. First, a fuzzy logic system is constructed and then tuned to approximate the nonlinear uncertainties as possible as it can to enhance the tracking robustness. Second, mixed H2/H optimal tracking control for induction motor are developed. The H2 tracking control design is related to minimizing the linear quardratic cost of tracking error and control input. The H tracking control design is related to attenuating the effect of external disturbances. The main purpose of this type control is to design an H2 optimal control for the worst-case exter nal disturbance whose effect on system output must be at tenuated below a desired value. Finally, the mixed H2/H control design problem is parameterized in terms of a lin ear matrix inequality problem (LMIP). The LMIP can be solved very efficiently using the convex optimization tech niques. Simulation example is given to illustrate the de sign procedures and tracking performance of the proposed method.

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