Inverse Variable Structure Control of a Class of Cascade-connected Nonlinear Systems

J.-P. Su and C.-Y. Liang (Taiwan)


inverse variable structure control, terminal sliding mode control, cascade-connected systems, Twin Rotor Multi input multi-output System (TRMS)


Based on the complementary variable structure control, we have successfully developed a new control scheme for a class of cascade-connected uncertain nonlinear systems. A key feature of this control scheme is that an ideal inverse variable structure control law for the driven subsystem is firstly obtained with asserted good tracking performance. Then, a terminal sliding mode control law is derived for the driving subsystem to diminish the error arises from the deviation of the practical inverse control from the idea in verse control for the driven subsystem. An experimental setup, called Twin Rotor Multi-input multi-output System (TRMS), was used to illustrate the controller design.

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