Opportunity-awaiting Control Strategy on Elliptic Objective Area

Z. Guo, Q. Wu, and Y. Bo (PRC)


Opportunity awaiting control, stochastic control,satisfactory control


This paper considers state-feedback control problems of a class of linear time-invariant stochastic systems under constraints of the desired opportunity-awaiting indices and a rapid response performance index. When elliptic area is taken as the objective area, two opportunity-awaiting indices, i.e., residence time and awaiting time, are formulated analytically. Both of them are only associated nonlinearly with the variance of the output and its derivative. A convex region of the variance of the output and its derivative with respect to residence and awaiting-time indices, which are mutually consistent, is successfully constructed. This contribution is critical for the solvability of the problem under consideration. Then an LMI based on the control design method is presented in this paper.

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