Compensation for Long Time Network-induced Delays in Control Systems

A.B. Soglo and X. Yang (PRC)


Networked control system; Simulation; Long timenetwork-induced delay; Estimation; Agent;


With respect to the problem brought by the network induced delay in networked control systems (NCS), this paper designs an agent-based network control estimator to overcome the influence of network-induced delay on control system performances. The network-induced delays are not only stochastic and unpredictable, but are also longer than one sampling period, which disturbs the order of control signals and degrades the control systems stability. By simultaneously using an event-driven and time-driven actuator this paper introduces a periodic estimation of the plant state at the controller node so that the plant will get the current control signals every sampling period. The long delays are therefore compensated in time. The simulation results show the effectiveness of this compensation method.

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