Design of an Adaptive Web-based Courseware

S. Ray, N. Chaki, and R. Dasgupta (India)


Web-based Application, Distance Learning, Coursesequencing, Reusability, Dynamic linking


Due to easy access of Internet all over the World and availability of low-cost Web application development tools, Web-based learning has established itself as one of the leading way to offer distance-learning courses. However, as the courses are pre-designed, in most of the cases, this approach does not reach to the desired satisfactory level of each of the participants. At the same time, development of effective web-based courses to meet the requirements of a large group of individuals is also not very cost effective. This research work presents an algorithm for making the courseware more adaptive and individual participant centric. The concept of Learners' Quanta (LQ) has been utilized in this work and algorithm for identifying a set of learners' quanta appropriate to individual participant from the cloud of LQs has been developed. Proper sequencing of the identified LQs has been presented in this research work for smooth navigation. Algorithm for removing extra LQs (if any) from the selected list of LQs has also been presented in this work to make it more target specific and concise.

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