Design and Implementation of MPEG-4 File System for Interactive Broadcasting Service

I. Lee and K. Kim (Korea)


MPEG-4, file system, multimedia, contents, interactivebroadcasting service


For digital broadcasting services, the bitstream structure based on MPEG-2 Systems standard [1] allows that any kind of auxiliary data can be inserted within the audio visual compressed data. And MPEG-4 Systems standard can be used as auxiliary data for enhanced user interactivity. Therefore MPEG-4 contents will become greater in number with the fast development of digital broadcasting. And it will need to store, manage and retrieve the MPEG-4 contents efficiently. The MPEG-4 content can be stored as various forms and its size has no limitations because it can include BIFS, OD, IOD, Video, Audio, Still pictures, etc. Therefore we propose the efficient storing, managing and retrieving method of MPEG-4 contents for interactive broadcasting service. In this paper, MPEG-4 file system was designed and implemented. And we propose the automatic registration method of MPEG-4 contents.

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