Creation of Swing-up Motion Pattern using Evolutionary Computation for an Acrobat

K. Kawada and Y. Mada (Japan)


genetic algorithm, acrobot, swing-up, evolutionary compu tation, motion pattern


In recent years, the various controller design schemes have been examined for nonlinear mechanical systems with un certainties. As one of such mechanical systems, acrobots attract attention in last decade, which belong to nonholo nomic systems. Several controller design schemes have been proposed for the acrobots. In this paper, a new ap proach to control the acrobot is considered, in which a suit able swing-up pattern is created using the real-coded ge netic algorithm(GA). Then, the energy and the extra motion which are totally consumed in the swing-up motion, are evaluated on the fitness function. The effectiveness of the newly proposed scheme is numerically verified on a simu lation result.

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