Position Control of Ultrasonic Motor based on 2DF MRACS with Neural Networks

A. Naganawa, M. Fujieda, K. Tanaka, and M. Oka (Japan)


Ultrasonic motor (USM), Position control, 2DF (Two degrees-of-freedom) control system, MRAC (Model Ref erence Adaptive Control), PID controller, Neural network


The ultrasonic motor (USM) is expected to be applicable to various fields, but it is difficult to precisely control the USM as it contains nonlinear properties caused by various frictions, changes of temperature, fluctuation of load-mass and so on. In this research, we propose a position control method for the USM based on a two-degrees-of-freedom control system with a self-tuning PID type neuro controller to hold optimal tracking performance. The gains of the PID controller are self-tuned by a neural network which adap tively suppresses the influence of the plant perturbation and disturbance. The experimental results show the effective ness of the proposed method.

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