Property Identification of the Singularity Loci of the Stewart Manipulator

Y. Cao and Z. Huang (PRC)


Parallel Manipulators, singularity loci, singularity classification, and property identification.


This paper addressed the problem of identifying the property of the singularity loci of the Gough-Stewart manipulators. After constructing the Jacobian matrix of the Gough-Stewart manipulator, a cubic singularity locus equation of the manipulator is derived. Graphical representations of the singularity loci for different orientations are illustrated with examples. Further, we analyze the singularity locus in a principal-section, where the moving platform lies. It shows that singularity loci in parallel principal-sections are all quadratic expressions including a parabola, four pairs of intersecting straight lines and infinite hyperbolas. Their geometric interpretations and the properties of the singularity loci are further analyzed.

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