Occurrence of Chaos and Stabilizing Control in Following a Trajectory of a Pneumatic Manipulator with Dead Time

Y. Li and T. Asakura (Japan)


Stabilizing Control, Chaos, Following a Trajectory, Dead Time, Pneumatic Manipulator, Lyapunov exponent


This research on a 2-link pneumatic manipulator develops from the occurrence of chaos phenomena and it's stabilizing control in following a circular trajectory by considering a dead time in the system. In generally it is difficult for this manipulator to follow a desired trajectory, because chaos is often caused in the manipulator with a dead time of the pneumatic signal transmitted through the long air tube. In order to solve this kind of problem, the chaos behavior is made clear by recording the Lyapunov exponent of the trajectory, and a new stabilizing method with a neural network (NN) is proposed. Through simulation and experiment, the occurrence of chaos and the possibility of stabilization are verified by using the proposed method.

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