Microcontroller based Computer Control of Robot Arm for Sorting of Objects

A. Mahabuba, S. Balavishwakumar, S. Bharath, E. Arthi, and D. Brinda (India)


Microcontroller, Stepper motor, Gripper, Base, Arm.


The objective of this project is to design a Robot arm, controlled by a microcontroller and interfaced to a computer, to sort out objects of different lengths, moving on a conveyor belt. In manufacturing companies, a number of objects have to be transported by means of conveyor belts. During this process, these objects are sorted based on the required specifications. This consumes considerable amount of labour. Moreover, it is a monotonous and tedious job, from the worker's viewpoint. The proposed robot design should be able to sort out objects based on their lengths and place them in their respective bins, displaced by a predefined angle. The robot motion is to be controlled using three stepper motors, incorporated at the base, arm and the gripper respectively. The gripper should be specially designed to sort the object based on its length. The driver circuits for these motors are to be controlled using 8031 microcontroller, interfaced with a Computer. The sequence of operation is to be displayed using multiplexed LEDs.

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