Disaster View: Visualization System of Disaster Area by 3D-CG

T. Matsushita and M. Imai (Japan)


Robot Sensing and Data Fusion, Artificial Intelligence, Rescue Robot, Computer Graphics, Search and Rescue


This paper proposes a visualization system named Disas ter View for rescue crew in disaster area. Rescue activi ties require a presentation technology for the rescue crew to understand a disaster situation quickly. Disaster View shows rescue crew 3-D map generated from the pictures of disaster area. Since the generated 3-D map has walk through function, they can search everywhere for victims. The 3-D map assist person's comprehension of the actual environment in disaster area. Disaster View always keeps observing positions of communication tags which construct ad-hoc network. Disaster View draws communication tags in corresponding positions on 3-D map. If communication tags will move or get disoriented, Disaster View redraws 3-D map. The dynamic generation of 3-D map gives the rescue crew information of the possibilities that secondary disaster may have happened. Moreover, Disaster View can make up the deterioration of the worth of pictures from the information of communication tags. In this paper, the fea sibility of Disaster View is confirmed with the experiment.

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