Dynamic Integration of Manufacturing Systems' Operations using Intelligent Agents

A. Anosike and Z. Zhang (UK)


Applications, manufacturing, modelling, dynamic reconfiguration and simulation.


Intense competition and the unpredictable changes that take place in today's global market are forcing manufacturing organisations to seek for more efficient, responsive and cost-effective approaches for running and controlling their manufacturing systems. Agile manufacturing is one of the concepts that have been proposed to enable manufacturers respond rapidly to such changes. In recent times, a plethora of approaches, methodologies, systems and technologies for implementing agile manufacturing have been proposed and/or developed. One of such systems is Multi-Agent Systems (MAS). This paper provides and insight into a part of the work that has been done in the DIMS project. The DIMS project, Dynamically Integrated Manufacturing Systems, uses MAS to model, run, optimise, control, reconfigure, simulate and reprogram manufacturing systems concurrently and in an integrated and co-ordinated manner.

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