LaCoS: Context Management System for a Sensor-Robot Network

S. Satake, H. Kawashima, and M. Imai (Japan)


LaCoS, Sensor-Robot Network, Database System, Context, Interaction


The purpose of this paper is to develop a new context man agement system software that creates applications easily in a sensor-robot network. Following four functions are re quired to realize a context management system. (1) search contexts. (2) update the current context. (3) fuse two con texts. (4) reject fusion requests. To solve these problems, this paper proposes LaCoS(Layer of Context Sharing). La CoS uses Selection and Insertion function, respectively, to solve (1) and (2). LaCoS defines new function "FUSE" to solve (3) and "REJECT FUSION" to solve (4). We imple mented LaCoS and conducted experiments to confirm that LaCoS successfully equips four functions.

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