Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems using Wrapper Components

F. Guedea-Elizalde (Mexico), I. Song, F. Karray (Canada), R. Soto Rodríguez, and R. Morale


CORBA, Distributed Components, Robotics, Planning, Autonomous Robotic System.


The construction of a robotic system is a challenge when components from different vendors are involved. This is more difficult if the overall system development has to deal with environmental uncertainties or changing conditions. In these cases, new tools and equipment are necessary to adapt the initial configuration to the new changing require ments. Each added component increases the complexity of the system due to the interconnection required with the previous components. We present an integration methodology to create or to enhance robotic systems by combining tools from com puter vision, and planning system in distributed computing areas. We named this concept Wrapper Components. This concept is based on a standard middleware software specification. Wrapper components are object-oriented modules that create an abstract interface for a specific class of hardware or software components. When all these components are integrated the robotic system exhibits a smart behavior. We test our approach by solving an experimental classical problem named block world. Early results are great.

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