Robust Fuzzy Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems

C.-C. Chiang and M.-Y. Tsai (Taiwan)


Fuzzy control, uncertain nonlinear systems,input delay, robust stability.


- In this paper, a robust dynamic controller design algorithm for an uncertain nonlinear input-delay system using fuzzy model is provided. For many practical systems, the existence of time delay is common in control practice. Therefore the problem of controlling such systems becomes more complex and sometimes degrades the control performance. Using the Takagi Sugeno fuzzy model, it is to combine some simple local linear delayed systems with their linguistic description to represent the original nonlinear delayed system. Based on the Lyapunov theory and the concept of functional analysis, the conditions of the robust stability of the overall closed-loop system with uncertainties and an input time delay will be derived. Finally, simulation results are provided to illustrate the versatility and performance of the proposed method.

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