Smooth Motion Control for Biped Robots

X. Luo, C. Zhu, and A. Kawamura (Japan)


robotics, smooth motion control, impedance control,biped robot


Smooth walking is one of the fundamental requirements of biped robots. It means not only the smooth trajectory of the position, but also that of the reaction force between the feet of the robot and the ground. In this paper, a smooth motion control scheme that is a trade-off approach between accurate trajectory control and reaction force control is presented. In the scheme, a low pass filter is employed to observe the low frequency components of the reaction force. By this way, a more "smooth" force trajectory can be obtained in real-time as a desired one, and an impedance control algorithm is used to control the actual reaction force to the desired one in a dynamic way. Simulations of a 1-DOF model and a 6-DOF planar biped robot are presented to demonstrate the efficiency of the approach.

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