A Control Architecture for Multi-Master/Multi-Slave Teleoperation

S. Sirouspour (Canada)


Teleoperation, Cooperative Teleoperation, Robot control,Robust control, mu-synthesis.


This paper presents a general architecture for teleoperation control in multi-master/multi-slave environments. The pro posed framework incorporates flow of position and force information between all master and slave robots. Perfor mance measures are defined to enhance coordination be tween the operators and robots for achieving the task ob jectives. A -synthesis-based methodology for cooperative teleoperation control design is introduced. The approach guarantees robust stability of the system in the presence of dynamic interaction between the slave robots and subject to any passive operators and environment dynamics. At the same time, it optimizes the performance through minimiz ing the performance indices defined for cooperative oper ation. Simulation results for a linear two-master/two-slave system demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed co operative teleoperation controllers.

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