Passivity Control of Teleoperation Systems with Time Delay

Y. Hou and G.R. Luecke (USA)


Teleoperation, telerobotics, passivity, time delay,simulations


A control scheme for teleoperation systems with time delay is proposed based on passivity concept. This control method requires neither the knowledge of the manipulator systems nor the environmental models, and it is applicable for any time delay. The model independence and time delay independence make the proposed control method well suitable for teleoperation in real world, which includes remote site explorations, telesurgery, space explorations and teleoperation through the Internet. The main merit of this method is that it is less conservative than the traditional passivity based method, because the passivity controller only operates when the system becomes unstable, while in a traditional passivity formulation, the controller works all the time during the operations that adversely affect the performance of the whole system.

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