A New Fast Disturbance Single Processing Method based on the Morphologic Theory for Power Quality

S. Ouyang, J. Wang, and Y. Xie (PRC)


Power quality; Mathematical morphology; Wavelet transform, Signal processing


In this paper, a new fast processing method based on the mathematical morphology (MM) theory is proposed to locate the disturbance of the power quality signals corrupted by the noise. With the use of the appropriate morphologic structure element, proper combination of the erosion and the dilation morphologic operators, the proposed new fast morphology method (NFMM) is formed. Furthermore, the soft-threshold de-noising method based on wavelet transform (WT) was used for reference. In this way, the proposed method, which is different with the tradition processing method, can carry out the de-noising and disturbance location task, and the demand of sampling rate and calculation resources are very low. So the proposed method is fast and effective. Finally, the theory analysis, calculation time and efficiency are given, and the validity of the proposed method is verified by the results of the simulation and field dates. The proposed method is simple, fast, effective, and a practical way to practice.

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