Effect of Operations of Fault Current Limiter on Voltage Sag in Customer System with Synchronous Generator

D. Iioka, Y. Yokomizu, T. Matsumura, and H. Shimizu (Japan)


Power Quality, Power Distribution, Fault Current Limiter, Distributed Generator


An impact of operation of a fault current limiter installed in a customer system with a synchronous generator on a volt age sag due to the three-phase short circuit fault in a dis tribution system has been investigated. The required lim iting resistance is over 19 to maintain the voltage in the customer system between 85 % and 110 % of the system voltage (6.6 kV) in a case that the customer system is con nected to the fault feeder. It is also found that the absence of the fault current limiter causes the large fluctuation of the voltage in the customer system due to the operation of the AVR. The recovery of the fault current limiter is required to keep the voltage in the customer system connected to the no-fault feeder. It is shown that the lack of the recovery operation causes the out-of-step of the generator.

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