Demand Response Opportunity Pilot: Assessment of Feasibility of Load Reduction at a University Facility

S.B. Shetye, A. Domijan, Jr., and S. Garg (USA)


Demand Response, Demand Bidding, Load Management, Load Modeling


Progress Energy, Florida (PEF) in collaboration with University of Florida and Universidad Politcnica de Valencia are running a pilot program in an effort to research a new load management tool whereby the customers would be able to decide when and if they want to participate in the Demand Response (DR) programs and at what price, thus making it a completely voluntary program. In order to see the viability of this program in PEF's territory some commercial and industrial customers were signed up for this program. This paper presents the process followed in advancing the DR research pilot program at Anderson Hall facility, University of Florida. It throws light over the difficulties faced in performing the load reductions and the measures taken to overcome them. This paper also presents the analysis to be done on the DR customers so as to determine the ability and the contribution of the customer to towards these kinds of program.

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