Application of Self-organizing Maps for Classification and Filtering of Electrical Customer Load Patterns

S. Valero, M. Ortiz, C. Senabre, C. Álvarez, J. García Franco, N. Encinas, A. Gabaldón, J.A. Fuentes


Demand Management, Self-organizing maps, electricity markets, electrical customer segmentation, load patterns.


The objective of this paper is to show the capability of the Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs) to organize, to filter, to classify and to extract patterns from distributor, commercializer, aggregator or customer electrical demand databases -objective known as data mining-. This approach basically uses -to reach the above mentioned objectives- the historic load demand curves of each user. In our case, and for simplicity, we will study two typical medium users: an industry and a university located both in Spain. The results clearly show the suitability of SOM approach to improve data management and to find easily coherent clusters between electrical users.

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