An Evaluation of Contribution Cost to Power Systems by a Group of Home-Cogeneration Systems

H. Sugihara, T. Kawaguchi, and K. Tsuji (Japan)


distributed power generation, home-cogeneration systems, gas-engine, integrated control, marginal contribution cost.


For the purpose of realizing reliable market-based power system operation, it is very important to make electricity demand more flexible according to electricity price variation for customers. Also, home-cogeneration systems such as Gas Engine-type and Fuel Cell-type is highly expected as one of energy conservation technologies in Japanese residential houses. Because exhausted heat of gas-engine or fuel cell can be utilized for hot water demand. This paper assumes a new cooperation framework between a group of cogeneration's owners and power system operator in order to attain more reliable power system operation. In the cooperation framework, this paper evaluates marginal contribution cost to power system by a group of home-cogeneration systems.

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