Efficiency of Solar Air Turbine Power Stations with Floating Solar Chimneys

C.D. Papageorgiou (Greece)


Efficiency, power output, solar air turbine power stations, floating solar chimneys.


A solar turbine power station (STPS) has three major components: A cyclical solar collector A solar chimney in the center of the solar collector A set of air turbo generators near the entrance of the solar chimney The power output of a STPS is roughly proportional to the height of the solar chimney and the surface area of its solar collector. In order to increase the power output and the efficiency of a STPS with a given solar collector, we must increase the height of its solar chimney. This can be achieved using floating solar chimneys. The floating solar chimney (FSC) invented by the author, is a lighter than air construction, made by successive balloon rings, that are filled with He or NH3. This permits to the FSCs to float in the air and thus to have heights up to several Km with any appropriate internal diameter. In the present paper an extensive presentation of the power output and the efficiency of the STPSs with FSCs is given. As it is shown the power output and the efficiency of the STPS depend on the dimensions of the FSC and the solar collector on the loss coefficients of its FSC and on the environmental characteristics (solar irradiance, temperature and pressure). The efficiency of a STPS with a rated power output of 100 MW is between the ranges of 4.5% to 7% if its FSC heights are in the range of 3000 m to 4500 m.

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