IPRs: A Decentralized Framework for Controlling Electrical Energy Delivery Networks

I. Vergara-Laurens and M. Rodríguez-Martínez (Puerto Rico)


Intelligent Power Routers, Decentralized Restoration, Data Networks, Modernization of Power Grid


We have developed a decentralized framework to help control and manage an Electrical Energy Delivery Network (EEDN). Our scheme is based on the idea of modeling the EEDN as a data network, where power generators serve energy to cities, factories, etc. The paths taking the flows of power are then controlled by devices that we call Intelligent Power Routers (IPRs). A new IPRs model is presented in this paper as an improvement of our previsou waork. These new IPRS maintain the same concept for the next generation power network based on a distributed concept with scalable coordination as in previous. The control protocols and decision algorithms are based on the reliability factor for inputs lines and priority factor for input lines. Also, we add intra-zone negotiation phase and inter-zone phase as a new characteristic to improve IPRs performance, scalability and quality decisions. Moreover, we present a second prototype of IPRs network with improved perfomance for system restoration using the new approach.

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