Research on Superclean Polygeneration Energy System of Iron and Steel Industry

Y. Zhang, W. Ni, and Z. Li (PRC)


energy policies, power system planning, power generation,polygeneration strategy1


In this paper, based on gas polygeneration, an innovative idea is proposed in iron and steel industry to improve energy efficiency and reduce pollutant emission. In order to solve the problems existing in COREX smelting reduction casting technology, here puts forward coal-gas byproduct polygeneration strategy of COREX. In addition, making full use of potential advantages of special gasifiers such as converter, blast furnace and coke ovens, a new development idea of coal-gas polygeneration in iron and steel enterprises are proposed. It makes a breakthrough compared with conventional theory of Energy Conservation and Loss Reduction. Last but not the least, the concept model of future super clean iron and steel polygeneration system is established here, as a result, the sectors of the future are not only high-quality, low-cost iron and steel producers, but also the real clean and green energy systems.

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