Economical Evaluation of Small and Microturbines for Distributed Power Generation in Mexico

U. Jerónimo and J. Islas (Mexico)


Distributed Power Generation; small and micro-turbines; technological progress, tariffs, Mexican electricity sector.


In this paper the small and micro-turbines are analyzed in terms of the technological progress and main actors of their diffusion in the electric generation; the technical requirements for interconnection of the DG to the distribution lines and the roll of the regulation in the electric sector. In the second part the small and micro turbines in Distributed Generation (DG) are evaluated through the levelized cost method for the self supply of electricity in Mexico. The results show market niches in the commercial and industrial sectors. This latest case is found when the cogeneration it is considered with small turbines. The main explicative factor of these market niches are high tariffs in the commercial sector and highest efficiencies from the cogeneration systems. Finally, the main barriers founded are the lack of infrastructure to supply gas natural, high prices of gas natural and back up power tariffs.

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