Analysis on Application of HTS Cable and Their Impacts on Power Systems

J.-P. Lee, S.-D. Hwang, and G.-J. Lee (Korea)


HTS cable, Voltage Stability, Loss Sensitivity Index, Contingency Analysis, and P-V curve.


In this paper, the method for selecting location of HTS cable application to improve voltage stability has been proposed using loss sensitivity index of reactive power which represents voltage collapse contribution of each line. And transmission ability before and after application of HTS cable are examined in a viewpoint for voltage stability when security of power system is considered and not considered. Contingency analysis and severity index calculation are performed for 3 cases according to HTS cable application location. It is shown that application of HTS cable in power system is very effective for voltage stability and increase of transfer capability through the comparison of the results in a part of thermal capability limit expansion and voltage stability limit. Also by dynamic simulation using EMTDC, security control scheme is proposed through the quench and current distribution by large fault current in HTS cable due to fault of power system and the determination method for maximum fault clearing time. The calculation results show that auxiliary protection system is needed such as fault current limiter and fast circuit breaker to prevent damage of HTS cable.

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