Safety Analysis of a Stun Gun

R. Tommasini, F. Palamara, and S. Toja (Italy)


Risk analysis, stun guns


During the seventies, non-lethal electric weapons, usually called stun guns, began to spread in the USA thanks to their ability of incapacitating individuals without killing. They were in great demand by police, but also by citizens for self-defense purposes. The electric output of these weapons is a high voltage low amperage pulsed signal, far different from those considered in electrical safety standards. Therefore, it is difficult to judge about their non lethality, lacking well-established safety limits. In this work the output signal of a stun gun is analyzed following two different approaches, in order to compare the results obtained from each of them and to point out which quantities in the signal are the most crucial from the safety point of view. A brief bibliographical review is also presented.

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