Galerkin's Approach for Studying Grounding Systems: A Formula for Non Parallel nor Perpendicular Segments

R. Tommasini, F. Binel, and S. Toja (Italy)


Power distribution, grounding systems, Galerkin's moment method


Galerkin's moment method allows a fast and efficient calculation of the resistance of grounding grids. Ten years ago, El Sherbiny [1] extended Chow [2] technique and calculated the mutual resistance between two perpendicular conductors. The resulted integral does not yield a closed form and then a numerical technique has to be used to solve it. Anyway, grounding systems have complex shapes and very often their segments are neither perpendicular nor parallel to each other. This work presents the extension of El Sherbiny formulas to non parallel nor perpendicular segments; also in this case, the calculated integral has not a closed form.

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