An Approach to Analyze the Overhead Ground Wire for Distribution Lines

T. Thanasaksiri (Thailand)


: ATPDraw, Distribution Lines, Lightning Surge Current, Line to Ground Fault Current, Overhead Ground Wire (OHGW).


This paper presents an approach to analyze the overhead ground wire size for distribution lines. The integral i2 dt of lightning surge current is one of the major concerns to determine the overhead ground wire (OHGW) size and the other one is the i2 t of line to ground fault current. When consider the lightning surge, the relation between the potential temperatures and the value of i2 dt has been made. For line to ground fault, the fault current and duration time when fault take place has to be concerned. ATPDraw is the tool for simulation of line to ground fault along the line. When combined those two factors effects to the overhead ground wire, the final results would be analyzed.

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