Detailed Parametric Analysis of Grounding System Performance in Two-Layer Soil Structures

J. Liu and F.P. Dawalibi (Canada)


Grounding systems, parametric analysis, two-layer soil structures, power system planning, power system operation, and safety analysis


An extensive parametric analysis of rectangular grounding grids in two-layer soils has been carried out to determine their overall performance. A large number of variables that can affect the grid's performance (such as the geometrical proportions of the grid, the characteristics of the soil including the reflection coefficient and top layer thickness, and the density of conductors) have been analyzed in details. Ground resistances, touch voltages, and step voltages of grounding systems have been computed and compared for various scenarios. The ultimate objective of this parametric study is to provide detailed evaluations of the grounding system performance. The computed results are summarized in charts; these results will be useful for quick estimates of the expected performance of practical grounding designs.

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