Comparitive Study of Decenteralized Load Frequency Controllers: Conventional, Optimal and Fuzzy Logic

K.A. Ellithy (Sultanate of Oman)


Load Frequency Control, Decentralized Control, Conventional Integral Controller, Optimal Controller, Fuzzy Logic Controller.


This paper presents a comparative study between the conventional integral, optimal and fuzzy logic controllers for load frequency control (LFC) of interconnected power areas. Each controller has been designed for each area as a decentralized controller to improve the dynamic time response of the frequency and tie line power of each area under a sudden load change. The proposed fuzzy logic controller has been designed for decentralized LFC, namely, the PD-like fuzzy logic controller and the PI-like fuzzy logic controller. Computer simulations are performed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the three controllers. The time-domain simulation results show that the proposed fuzzy logic controller combined with integral controller can provide good damping to each power area and reduce the overshoot compared with the other controllers.

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