Fast and Optimized Lagrangian Relaxation and Bundling Method based Thermal Unitcommitment and Economic Load Dispatch Scheduling in Large Scale Power Systems

M.M. Ahmed, Norhamimi, I. Hassan, and M. Sulaiman (Malaysia)


Bundling Method, Economic Load Dispatch, Interior Point Method, LaGrangian Relaxation, LaGrangian Multipliers, LaGrangian Dual Problem


This paper presents LaGrangian Relaxation (LR) and Bundling Method (BM) based Unit Commitment (UC) and Economic Load Dispatch (ELD) solution techniques. Through these techniques, thermal units consisting of 45 generators have been applied. A comparison has been made with a data taken from the giant power utility in Malaysia, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) and the results found from this system has been compared to that of TNB results. Substantial costs saving of 0.049% have been achieved. A very fast scheduling system for UC and ELD along the said costs saving has also been gained. These two achievements have been the two main objectives of this research.

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