A Blind Intercarrier Interference Cancellation Approach in Differential Modulation OFDM Communication Systems

Y. Liu and W. Mikhael (USA)


Blind Source Separation, Intercarrier Interference, OFDM


Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) has wide applications in wireless communications. Due to frequency offset in a practical system, the orthogonality between the sub-carriers is not maintained. This leads to Intercarrier Interference (ICI) between the sub-carriers, which degrades the system's performance. In this contribution, a new ICI Cancellation method based on Blind Source Separation (ICIC/BSS) is proposed for OFDM systems employing differential modulation (OFDM/DM). In ICIC/BSS, the relative gradient algorithm is employed to estimate the transmitted signals in the sub-carriers. Also, techniques to solve the permutation and gain ambiguities are developed. Computer simulations are given, which confirm the effectiveness of ICIC/BSS. It is shown that the interference cancellation in ICIC/BSS is maintained for a wide range of interference conditions

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