GPS Position Data Correction using the Vanishing Point and Vision System for Autonomous Land Vehicle

J.S. Chai, B.S. Kim, S.W. Choi, D.H. Rho (Korea)


GPS position correction, vanishing point, ALV, coordinates conversion


An important problem for an autonomous land vehicle estimates a driving position of a vehicle. There are several systems for detecting position such as GPS, INS and DR. To acquire current GPS navigation data, at least four satellites must communicate continuously with onboard antenna on a vehicle. But, sometimes GPS signal have been interrupted in mountainous regions, tunnels and high rise urban. In this paper, we proposed the GPS position data correction method for autonomous land vehicle using vanishing point property and a vision system. Simulations are carried out over driving distances of approximately 60 Km on the basis of realistic road data. On a straight road, the proposed method reduces GPS position error by at least 63% within 0.5 m. However, the average accuracy of the method is not presented, because it is hard to estimate it on other than a straight road in variable conditions.

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