A Non-uniform Channel Assignment Scheme for 2-11GHz Fixed-Broadband Wireless Access

K.E. Ntagkounakis (Greece, UK), B.S. Sharif (UK), and P.I. Dallas (Greece)


Fixed - Broadband Wireless Access, Non Line-of-Sight Operation, Frequency Re-use, Channel Assignment, and Polarization Assignment.


In this paper, a new non-uniform channel assignment (NUCA) scheme is presented which is designed for the distinct features of non line-of-sight Fixed - Broadband Wireless Access (F-BWA) networks. Compared to con ventional frequency planning, NUCA follows a non uniform re-use methodology, where for the same re-use factor, the portion of channels is assigned twice in a clus ter and none in the subsequent cluster. NUCA presents a different re-use distance configuration among co-channel cells in order to exploit further the concept of access point and customer terminal antenna directivity to reduce the co-channel interference. Simulation results show that NUCA achieves 5 dB improvement for 0.1 interference outage probability when compared to interleaved and ro tated channel assignment schemes. Furthermore, the im proved performance of NUCA is maintained when polari zation assignment is considered, and for different network configurations.

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