Assessing and Optimizing End User Performance over 2G/3G Cellular Networks

G. Gómez, J. Torreblanca, and J. Ramiro-Moreno (Spain)


Service Performance, Quality of Service, 2G/3G Cellular Networks, Optimization, (E)GPRS, WCDMA


Many different packet data services are nowadays arising in the cellular networks, some of them adopted from fixed networks. However, the characteristics of cellular environments and specific wireless events may affect the End User Performance considerably. Therefore, the assessment and optimization of the end-to-end service performance for those services over wireless environments become crucial for operators. This article tackles the performance analysis, benchmarking and optimization of packet data services over (Enhanced) General Packet Radio Service ((E)GPRS) and Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) technologies. The main sources of performance degradation under different technologies are identified, proposing solutions for optimization. By means of simulations, the impact of different cellular network characteristics (such as round trip times, radio capabilities, channels allocation or transport protocol configuration) is analyzed for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Web browsing services, providing end to end service performance figures under different network scenarios.

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