High Performance TCP Communication Over Mobile IP Handoff for Mobile Node Receiving Data Segments

J. Ebihara, T. Kato, and S. Itoh (Japan)


TCP, Mobile IP, Handoff, M-TCP, Persist Mode


Recently, the mobile communication environment is widely spread. In such an environment, it is pointed out that the transmission errors over wireless links and/or the handoff during terminal movement cause more packet losses than wired fix networks and that those losses degrade the TCP communication throughput heavily. There are a lot of researches for this problem, but most of them focus mainly on the packet losses caused by transmission errors. However, in the Mobile IP networks, which is the backbone network architecture for 3rd generation cellular network, the packet losses caused by handoff is also very serious. Although there are a few studies focusing on handoff triggered packet losses, but they do not take account of the protocol procedures of the Mobile IP. In this paper, we propose a high speed TCP communication procedure dealing with handoff triggered packet losses for data transfer from fixed hosts to mobile nodes. We also show the results of performance evaluation examined by software simulator.

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