AODV Routing Protocol Well Suited to High Density Ad Hoc Network Environment

M. Okino, T. Kato, J. Ushijima, and S. Itoh (Japan)


Ad hoc Network, AODV, Ad hoc Routing, Dense Network


Recently, ad hoc networks come to be actually used in sensor networks and in network construction in case of disaster. Accordingly, it is required to study the routing in high density ad hoc networks, where multiple nodes exist within radio propagation area. In such a network environment, it is important to decrease the overhead of route request messages flooded into the whole network. In this paper, we propose a modified AODV protocol well suited to high density ad hoc networks. Its feature includes that it does not introduce any additional message overhead, that it enables necessary and sufficient nodes to relay route request messages and that it copes with network configuration change. This paper also shows the performance evaluation indicating that our protocol can reduce the total number of route request messages compared with the original AODV.

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