A Lightweight Multicast Routing Approach for Ad Hoc Mobile Network based on Dense Zones

A. Zebdi, B.A. Bensaber, and M. Mesfioui (Canada)


: Multicast, Connectivity, dense zone, leader, routing, ad hoc, mobility.


A wireless ad hoc network consists of mobile nodes without a fixed infrastructure nor a centralized administration. The main problems of such networks are the limited bandwidth and the nodes' unpredictable mobility. From this emerges the major problem of building a diffusion structure for Multicast routing protocols. Most works done up to date proposed Multicast protocols based on non-robust communication structure such as trees. However, there exist techniques such as routing over dense zone that deem to be more reliable and robust. In this work, we suggest a Multicast routing technique based on dense zones. This technique takes into account the nodes' mobility and provides a connectivity that assures large diffusion with a good quality of service. The later is assured by designing a new algorithm for sub-group leader selection using best node detection algorithm at the cost of maintaining a better network stability against mobility and scalability problems.

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