A Proposal of User Authentication and a Content Distribution Mechanism using P2P Connection over a Mobile Ad Hoc Network

M. Oguchi, Y. Nakatsuka, and C. Tomizawa (Japan)


Mobile Ad hoc Network, Peer-to-Peer, User Authentica tion, Content Distribution, Wireless IP Networks, Mobile Computing


Recently, content distribution services over a network have been expanded to a mobile environment. However, as the volume of data increases and higher quality of services is demanded, a throughput restriction over wireless commu nications has become a bottleneck. In order to compensate the low bit-rate cellular line, a peer-to-peer (P2P) connec tion over a mobile ad hoc network is applied. High through put communications are available on the ad hoc network using broadband wireless LAN. In order to realize a content distribution service on the mobile ad hoc network, a user authentication mechanism is indispensable. Because a server for user authentication is not always available on the ad hoc network, an idea of multistage classified groups based on a temporary identi fication is proposed. Moreover, since the ad hoc network is not always connected, a high-functional client that redis tributes content is introduced for realization of the content distribution service. The proposed ideas are implemented on an experi mental system using JXTA, an all-purpose P2P platform. According to the result of experiments, the user authenti cation and content distribution mechanisms work well on the P2P connection over the mobile ad hoc network.

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