Design of OSPF Protocol for Wireless IP Networks

T. Kato, K. Takanashi, S. Itoh, A. Sugata, F. Kojima, and M. Fujise (Japan)


Routing Protocol, OSPF, Wireless Router Network


Recently, wireless LAN is being widely used. In order to implement a large scale wireless network, it is useful to connect access points (APs) which cover individual subnetworks by wireless link. In this case, since those APs work as routers, some routing protocols needs to be introduced among them. We have proposed to use OSPF among those wireless routers. However, the current OSPF does not take account of wireless router networks which have limited broadcast capability among routers within radio propagation range. So we propose a new procedure in which the overhead of database exchange and flooding of link state advertisement. This paper describes the design principles and the detailed design including packet format, control data structures, state transitions and communication sequence.

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