OLIMPO, An Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Network Simulator for Optimal SCADA-Applications

J. Barbancho, F.J. Molina, C. León, J. Ropero, and A. Barbancho (Spain)


Ad-hoc wireless sensor network, multi-hop Packet RadioNetwork (PRN), Event Discrete Scheduler (EDS), networksimulator, SCADA applications.


This paper introduces OLIMPO, an useful simulation tool for researchers who are developing wireless sensor com munication protocols. OLIMPO is a discrete-event simula tor design to be easily reconfigured by the user, providing a way to design, develop and test communication protocols. In particular, we have designed a self-organizing wireless sensor network for low data rate. Our premise is that, due to their inherent spread location over large areas, wireless sensor networks are well-suited for SCADA appli cations, which require relatively simple control and moni toring. To show the facilities of our simulator, we have stud ied our network protocol with OLIMPO, developing sev eral simulations. The purpose of these simulations is to demonstrate, quantitatively, the capability of our network to support this kind of applications.

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