A Table based Scheduler for the QoS enabled Flow Control in GPRS/EDGE Networks

S. Tcaciuc, A. Kunz, C. Ruland, V. Rapp, and M. Gonzalez (Germany)


Quality of Service, Flow Control, Traffic Classes,GPRS/EDGE


Congestion and flow control become a very sensitive point in GPRS/EDGE networks since the new specification, named Release 5, allows multiple flows per mobile station. These flows are differentiated by their Quality of Service requirements. This paper proposes a simple scheduling algorithm that can be implemented at the SGSN site for the Packet Flow Connections flow control in order to minimize the effect of cascaded leaky buckets. The new algorithm uses a table which is computed based on the leak rates received from the Packet Control Unit in the BSSGP Flow Control messages. The simulations show that significant improvements can be achieved compared to the flow control based on leaky buckets.

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