Rearrangeable Optical Cross-Connects based on a 3-Stage Clos Network with MOEMS

F.K. Liotopoulos (Greece)


Switching, optical networks, WDM, MOEMS, Clos networks.


In this paper, we study a WDM optical split cross-connect architecture, using existing results from the analysis of the split-connection, rearrangeably nonblocking operation of 3-stage Clos networks. The proposed switching fabric uses MOEMS (Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Switching) matrices to perform WDM switching in the middle Clos stage. The use of rearrangeable control reduces the required middle-stage MOEMS devices for nonblocking operation. Furthermore, the paper suggests an efficient routing algorithm and sufficient conditions for rearrangeably nonblocking operation, based on existing algorithms and results for an integer matrix decomposition of the input traffic matrix.

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