Bandwidth Management and Control Mechanism for ONU Ports based on EPON

J.-S. Sung, S.-M. Kang, T.-G. Kwon, B.-T. Kim (Korea)


Optical communication systems, high speed network, communication technology, quality of service


This article describes a mechanism of the bandwidth control management over EPON. EPON consists of a OLT located in a central office and remote ONUs connected customer site. To provide quality of service to end-user subscribers over the EPON, the OLT has to manage subscriber-ports of ONUs that are connected by end-user subscribers. The OLTreceives control messages that are used to allocate bandwidth to ONU subscriber-ports and assign IP range according to class of end user subscribers by EMS Manager. When an ONU is initialized, the OLT makes the ONU allocates bandwidth to subscriber ports. When a DHCP client connected to the ONU subscriber port requests IP address, a DHCP server located within the OLT makes response with IP address suitable to subscriber's class. Upstream and downstream traffic are delivered according to queuing algorithm with port bandwidth in ONUs and according to queuing algorithm with IPaddress range.

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