RSVMRD: Bandwidth Reservation with Multiple-Route Detection

K. Morita and H. Higaki (Japan)


Communication Protocols, Computer Network, Multime dia Communication, Bandwidth Reservation


For supporting multimedia data transmission with QoS re quirement through a computer network, bandwidth reser vation is invoked before starting transmission. Here, band width in every communication link on a transmission route from a source computer to a destination one is reserved. Many protocols only reserve bandwidth on an already detected route. Some other protocols combine routing and bandwidth reservation for achieving higher probabil ity of successful reservation. However, it is difficult to complete bandwidth reservation in an environment with high traffic in the network. This paper proposes a novel bandwidth reservation protocol with which multiple trans mission routes are used to achieve required bandwidth. Our protocol RSVMRD only searches suitable routes in a bounded part of a network which is achieved by applying an ad-hoc routing protocol MRAODV.

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