A Transparent Client-Server Platform for Location Dependent Web based Applications

S. Neira and V.M. Gulías (Spain)


Location, Mobility, HTTP, Platform


This paper describes a platform designed to allow the de velopment of web-based client-server applications where results should be dependent of the location of the client on a mobile (normally wireless) networking environment. It has been designed to work with the most popular technologies used nowadays which are available in every modern per sonal computer such as HTTP protocol client-server inter networking, IEEE 802.11 wireless communications, Blue tooth devices or infrared ports. This system is divided into three user transparent subsystems: the first one obtains the location of the client computer from the hardware installed on it, the second one works as a proxy and embeds this ob tained location into the HTTP request generated by the user web browser, and the last one, installed in the HTTP appli cation server controller, extracts the location from the re quest and offers the programmer a complete object oriented API that allows to code a web program that will generate a client-location dependent HTTP response. That means the HTTP response to client request is dependent of the loca tion of the client at the moment the request was generated.

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